Drum N Bass

Drum N Bass is divided into many different categories and can cover a variety of moods and feelings, however trying to put each track into a genre is pointless as these categories aren’t definitive.

The genres are as follows:

  • Darkstep (or “Darkside” or “Dark”, the return of the old school sound of Drum and bass made with new technology – Current Value, Lucio de Rimanez, Limewax and many more)
  • Drumfunk (or “Choppage”, “Edits” – atmospheric drum and bass with heavy emphasis on break-styled drum loops, occasionally broken up by drumless atmospheric passages)
  • Hardstep (A harder style of d&b which uses hard basslines and heavy yet simple electronic melodies for example,: The Panacea)
  • Intelligent (or “Atmospheric” or “Ambient”)
  • Jazzstep (or “Jazz and Bass”)
  • Jump-Up
  • Liquid funk (or simply “Liquid” – drawing heavily on harmonic grooves and samples from Funk music, Soul music, R&B, House music, Disco music, Pop Music and Synthpop)
  • Sambass (or “Brazilian Drum and Bass”)
  • Techstep (or “Tech”)
  • Techno-DNB (or “Techno Drum and Bass”)
  • Neurofunk (or “Neuro” is the progression from Techstep)

The following would generally be described as separate genres by their proponents:

  • Breakcore
  • Darkcore
  • Raggacore
  • Digital Hardcore
  • Ragga Jungle

A good tutorial  is shown here for how to make drum n bass:



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